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Temporarily Disable the Windows XP SP2 Automatic Download

How do I temporarily disable the automatic download of Windows XP SP2?

Windows XP SP2 was released to the Windows Update – Auto Update tool in the middle of August 2004. While recognizing the security benefits of Windows XP SP2, some organizations have requested the ability to temporarily disable delivery of this update via Automatic Updates (AU) and Windows Update (WU). These organizations have populations of PCs, upon which they have enabled AU. This is done to ensure that these PCs receive all critical security updates. These customers would like to temporarily block the delivery of SP2 in order to provide additional time for validation and testing of the update. In response to these requests, Microsoft is providing this set of tools.

Please note that the mechanism to temporarily disable delivery of Windows XP SP2 will be available for a period of 240 days (8 months) from August 16 till the 12th of April 2005. At the end of this period, Windows XP SP2 will be delivered to all Windows XP and Windows XP Service Pack 1 systems, but still download other critical updates.

This toolkit contains 5 components:

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  1. A Microsoft signed executable
  2. A script
  3. An ADM template
  4. Sample email text with included link to block delivery of Windows XP SP2
  5. Sample email text with included link to unblock delivery of Windows XP SP2

The executable creates the registry key and sets the associated value on the machine upon which it is run, to block or unblock (depending on the command-line option used) the delivery of Windows XP SP2 to that system, through Automatic Updates or Windows Update. The key used is:


When the /B command line option is used, the key value name ‘DoNotAllowXPSP2’ is created and its value sets to ‘1’. This value blocks delivery of Windows XP SP2 to the machine through AU or WU.

When the /U command line option is used, the previously created registry value that temporarily blocked the delivery Windows XP SP2 to the system via Automatic Updates (AU) or Windows Update (WU) is removed. If the value does not exist on the system from which it is run, no action is taken.

Download Toolkit to temporarily bock Windows XP SP2 Installation (96kb)

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