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How to Fix the “Remote Desktop Connection – An Internal Error Has Occurred” Error

The “Remote Desktop Connection: an internal error has occurred” message can show up on a Windows PC when the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client is unable to make a connection with an RDP server. The error is due to one or more configuration issues related to RDP and security. In this guide, we’ll help you...


Bypass the Lock Screen in Windows 10

In today’s Ask the Admin, I will show you how to set up Windows 10 to bypass the lock screen.

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Sponsored: Best Practices for Securing Remote Desktop Connections

Properly securing your Remote Desktop Connections is vital because of the far-reaching access and capability that Remote Desktop Connection has. Find out how to manually secure your Remote Desktop Connections.

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Sponsored: Five Essential Remote Desktop Tips

Michael Otey shares five essential tips that can make your work with Remote Desktop Connection faster and more efficient.

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Remote Desktop to Azure VM Has Failed

Walk through the troubleshooting steps for when you are unable to log into a Windows virtual machine (VM) in Azure via a remote desktop connection (aka RDP).

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Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2012

Learn how to enable Remote Desktop in Windows Server 2012 so that you can remotely administer a server.

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