Office 365: How Does the New Office Tap Feature Work in Word and Outlook 2016?

by Russell Smith

Microsoft recognizes the real power of cloud services, such as Office 365, lies not necessarily in the client apps that we use to access and work with data, but in the ability to tap into data and use analytics and business intelligence (BI) to get insights for making business decisions. Often knowledge workers don’t need complex BI or analytics, but just access to company data that has already been presented in a document so that it can be reused somewhere else. Sounds like it ought to be a simple task, right?

Leveraging OneNote at Your Company

by Joseph Finney

OneNote is a free note-taking program that Microsoft offers to everyone at no charge, and it can be the perfect information management tool for your business. This series will show how to leverage OneNote at your business for project management, note tracking, issue tracking, ticket management, and more.