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How to Mitigate Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover Protocol Flaw That Leaks User Credentials

with 4 Comments by Russell Smith

In this article, I explain how the recently discovered flaw in the Exchange Server Autodiscover protocol can leak user credentials. And how to mitigate the issue in your environment. Microsoft Exchange Server Autodiscover protocol leaks thousands of user credentials Researchers at security company Guardicore have released details of a security issue in the Autodiscover protocol… Read More

Games Vendors Play with Exchange Hardware Configurations

by Tony Redmond

Hardware vendors publish their solutions for Exchange through the Microsoft ESRP. The only thing is that some of the solutions are illogical and unworkable. In fact, some solutions are simply ridiculous. Sure, you could implement them - but at what cost and what level of reliability. But the solutions get your attention and that's their purpose.