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Leveraging OneNote: Working with a Distributed Team

Joseph Finney takes a look at how OneNote can fill in the IT gaps.


Leveraging OneNote: Getting Your Content into OneNote

OneNote is an incredible suite of programs. This enables you to work however you decide is best for you. Instead of restricting users, OneNote empowers you to get organized and get working.

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Leveraging OneNote: Using Page Templates

The desktop client of OneNote has template features, which can help standardize how new pages look and feel. Templates are a terrific way to keep your team on the same page and speaking a consistent organizational language.

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Leveraging OneNote: Using Tables in Your Notes

OneNote has some very robust tools for creating, editing, and manipulating tables as well as organizing notes.

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Leveraging OneNote: An Outlook Task-Based Project Dashboard

Find out how to set up a task-based project dashboard.

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Leveraging OneNote: Getting Familiar with Outlook Tasks

Outlook Tasks is a tool you can use to set reminders and track tasks in OneNote with Outlook. Learn how to use this dynamic feature.

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Leveraging OneNote: Mastering Outlines and Lists

In OneNote 2016, the lists and outlining options have a few bonus features. These extra tools take lists from rows of text to flexible elements.

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Leveraging OneNote: Build a Project Dashboard

Learn how to use OneNote to build a project dashboard to keep track of each of your project’s statuses.

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Leveraging OneNote: Outlook Groups Can Auto-Share Notebooks

Your team needs to be on the same page and always working from the most up-to-date information. This used to mean lots of meetings and emails to share information. Today, sharing information can look very different for your workflow.

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Leveraging OneNote: Empower Your Meetings with OneNote

Meetings are essential to keeping businesses running, even though they can feel like a waste of time. Instead of ignoring how meetings can become a time waster, address the problem head on with OneNote.

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