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Microsoft’s All-In-One Office Mobile App to Retire Two File-Sharing Capabilities

Microsoft has announced its plans to deprecate some file-sharing capabilities in its Office mobile apps. The company detailed in a blog post yesterday that the Nearby Share and Transfer Files features will stop working on December 31, 2022. The Nearby Share feature provides a streamlined and simple process to easily share files between two Android...


Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft Adds Co-Authoring Support for Protected Office Documents on iOS and Android

Microsoft has announced that real-time co-authoring support for protected Office documents is now generally available on both Android and iOS devices. The feature has been available in public preview since March, allowing multiple users to collaborate seamlessly on encrypted Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on the go. According to Microsoft, the new co-authoring feature is…

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Cloud Computing

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Now Detects Network Threats on Android and iOS Devices

Microsoft has released a new mobile network protection feature for its Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) solution. The new capability helps organizations protect Android and iOS devices against security threats originating from wireless connections. The mobile network protection feature is designed to offer protection against malicious attacks and bogus certificates targeting Wi-Fi networks in enterprise…

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Microsoft and Apple Team Up to Boost Exchange Online Security on iOS & macOS

Microsoft has teamed up with Apple to improve the security of Exchange Online accounts on iOS and macOS devices. In upcoming iOS and macOS updates, users who connected a Microsoft Exchange mailbox in Apple’s Mail app with Basic authentication will be automatically migrated to the more secure OAuth 2.0-based Modern authentication. Apple introduced support for…

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Microsoft Defender for Individuals is Now Available on Desktop and Mobile

Microsoft has launched a new Microsoft Defender for individuals app today. The new security offering for consumers is now available for Microsoft 365 subscribers in select markets across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Microsoft Defender for individuals first debuted in preview in the US back in February this year. It provides a centralized dashboard, which…

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Mac and iOS Now Support Background Noise Suppression

Microsoft Teams on Mac and iOS has finally added support for real-time noise suppression. The AI-powered tool first debuted on Windows 10 as an optional feature back in 2020, which allows the app to automatically suppress unwanted background noise during video calls and meetings. The noise suppression capability is enabled by default for all Mac…

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Protect iOS and Android Devices with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for iOS and Android devices is a mobile threat defense solution (MTD). Most organizations are in agreement that Windows devices require some form of antivirus and antimalware solution in order to be considered secure. Very few organizations, however, consider iOS and Android as platforms that require threat protection. Whilst iOS and…

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Microsoft Outlook

Is Outlook for Android and iOS free?

Outlook for Android and iOS is free to download, but using some of its features can incur a monthly fee. Learn how to use Outlook without a fee. What is Outlook? Outlook is Microsoft’s mobile email app for Android and iOS platform devices. It allows you to access both personal email accounts (,,,…

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Pricing Plans

Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft Defender for Endpoint will soon be available in two plans: P1 and P2. In this article, I will look at how the two plans compare. With Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices being the most common target for cyber criminals, malware and threats are continuously improving and evolving. In the…

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Microsoft Start Comes to Android, iOS, and Windows 10 News and Interests

When Microsoft announced that it would be rolling out a new taskbar feature called News and Interests in Windows 10 earlier this year, it divided opinion. There were those who felt News and Interests is just another distraction for users. But Microsoft says it adds features like the Your Phone app and News and Interests…

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