PowerShell Classes Part 5 — Classes or PSCustom Objects?

Custom PowerShell objects are one way to represent a set of data as a single object and so are PowerShell classes. In this article, take a look at some of the similarities and differences between the two object structures so that you can best define custom objects for your needs.


Color Your World with PSReadLine — Part 3

In this series, Jeff Hicks introduces you to the features and benefits of PSReadLiine.

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Doing More with PSReadline History — Part 2

In this series, Jeff Hicks introduces you to the PSReadline module. This module packs a ton of functionality.

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Getting Started with PSReadline — Part 1

Jeff Hicks shares tips on getting started using the features and commands of the PSReadline module.

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Adding Script to Your PowerShell HTML Reports

Join Jeff Hicks in this series of articles demonstrating a variety of tips, tricks, and techniques to generate killer HTML reports with PowerShell and ConvertTo-HTML.

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Enhancing HTML Reports with PowerShell

I hope you have been enjoying this little series on tips and tricks for doing more with ConvertTo-HTML and creating great looking reports in PowerShell. Today, I want to continue where we left off. I am assuming you have been following along. If not, take some time to start at the beginning or you may be a…

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Adding Style to PowerShell HTML Reports

Jeff Hicks shares more tips for using PowerShell, including some tricks for creating HTML reports.

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Creating Portable HTML in PowerShell

Jeff Hicks shares tips and tricks for doing more with HTML in this PowerShell series.

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ConvertTo-HTML Tips and Tricks

In this series, Jeff Hicks shares tips and tricks for creating reports in PowerShell.

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Fine Tuning the Active Directory Searcher

Jeff Hicks shares more information on fine tuning the Active Directory Searcher.

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