Microsoft DSC Environment Analyzer Creates Compliance Reports for Power BI

Compliance is always a hot topic, so in this Ask the Admin, I'll look at how Microsoft's DSCEA can be used to create compliance reports for servers configured using PowerShell DSC.


The Azure IaaS Announcements from Ignite 2017

Aidan Finn shares a summary of the improvements to the Azure virtual machine and related services and features announced at the Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference.

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Testing DSC Configurations Using Pester

Learn how to use Pester to test a Desired State Configuration to ensure that servers are configured exactly the way you want them.

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Intersecting DSC Configuration Design and Personal Style

DSC configurations require logical thinking through the steps necessary to make changes to a server’s configuration. Learn my process for developing a DSC configuration.

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Getting Started with Azure Automation Desired State Configuration

Russell shows how to create an Azure Automation account, upload and compile a DSC configuration, and on board an Azure VM.

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Why PowerShell’s Desired State Configuration Should Matter to You

PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks explains why PowerShell’s Desired State Configuration (DSC) should matter to you as an IT professional and how it can help bolster your career.

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4 Ways to Configure Azure VMs using PowerShell

Russell Smith looks at different ways of using PowerShell to configure VMs running in Microsoft Azure.

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4 Must-Learn Skills for Windows System Administrators

Jeff provides his must-learn skills for Windows System Administrators for a successful career, which include PowerShell and Microsoft Azure.

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How to Access Desired State Configuration MOF Metadata

Jeff Hicks shows us a new way to access Desired State Configuration MOF metadata with some PowerShell.

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How to Query the DSC Compliance Server

Jeff Hicks shows us how to query the DSC compliance server with PowerShell 4.0 in this quick tutorial.

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