Microsoft is Retiring Delve Mobile Apps

Microsoft is retiring the Delve mobile apps but the technology is still baked into the graph.


How to Hide Sensitive Documents Stored in SharePoint Online

Delve: Exposing Permission Weaknesses Since 2015 Since its introduction in 2015, people have complained that Delve exposed documents to other users that they’d prefer not to share. In fact, the problem lies with poor permissions practice rather than Delve because Delve only ever shows information to a user which they are entitled to see. In…

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Office ProPlus Desktop Apps Get New Privacy Controls

Office ProPlus Version 1904 boasts new privacy controls and Microsoft has documented how it thinks about required and optional data collected from users. Office 365 still lacks privacy controls for the server apps. It remains to be seen if customers will be happy and consider that Microsoft has solved the GDPR issues identified in the Dutch DPIA report in November 2018.

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Using Discardable Office 365 Accounts to Preserve User Privacy

Delve is a great way to learn about important documents other Office 365 users are working on, but it can sometimes reveal something that it shouldn’t. Mostly this is the fault of the owners of SharePoint sites where documents are stored, but there are situations when people just don’t want Delve or other Graph-based applications revealing anything about their communications.

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Leave Those SharePoint Permissions for Office 365 Groups Alone

Office 365 Groups and Teams make SharePoint much easier for people to use, with the price paid being the imposition of the groups permission model on SharePoint. On the upside, everything is very simple. On the downside, the permissions assigned to group members might not be what you want.

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The Delve People Profile: A Sad State of Affairs

Jasper Oosterveld, Modern Workplace Consultant at InSpark and Microsoft MVP, examines the state of the Delve Profile Page.

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The Mysterious Files Folder and its Importance to Office 365 Apps

Many differences exist between the on-premises and cloud worlds. The Files folder is one of Office 365’s unique features. The folder exists in user mailboxes to hold information about “file-oriented experiences.” As it turns out, apps like Delve, SharePoint, and Office 365 Groups like to display file information to users, but they need a fast and efficient way to get to that data. Files is the answer!

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Azure Active Directory is a Core Part of the Office 365 “Experience”

Recent developments show that a fully-populated Azure Active Directory is considered by Microsoft to be a core part of the overall Office 365 “experience.” Yet many tenants have partly-populated directories. Is that a problem? Or might it be a future problem?

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Using Tags to Help Delve Find Office 365 Content More Efficiently

Delve does a good job of finding Office 365 content stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. But you can make Delve so much more effective by changing your habits to tag documents and add them to boards. Try these simple steps that pay big dividends.

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Delve Relaunches with Intelligent Search

Delve is the mega-search option for Office 365. In the past, Delve has been handicapped because of poor user tagging of documents. Apply some Office Graph intelligence, and now Delve gets better results. Magic!

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