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Potential Problems Lurk When OneDrive Users Block Office 365 Searches

It's hard to find and fix every legacy on-premises setting. In the case of OneDrive for Business, it allows users to stop their site appearing in search results. That doesn't sound too bad, but blocking search affects many other Office 365 features and it's a good example of how a legacy setting can have a big influence in the cloud. Fortunately Microsoft agrees and they're going to fix the problem. We don't know when or how the fix will come, but when it does, users won't be able to disable eDiscovery for their OneDrive for Business site.


Purging Offensive Material from Teams

Teams is a great place to host conversations, but sometimes certain messages need to be purged. It’s easy for a team owner to remove something offensive from a single channel, but what happens if someone posts in multiple channels across multiple teams. As it turns out, some manual intervention is needed.

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Preserving Teams Messages for an Ex-Employee

When someone leaves your company, you might need to preserve their Office 365 data. Email, OneDrive, and SharePoint are straightforward, but what about Teams? As it turns out, a content search or an Office 365 DSR is a good way to retrieve information about Teams messages and information about their activities can be found in the audit log.

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Verifying Administrator Access to Office 365 User Content

Office 365 Administrators have many ways to access user data. It’s important to set up a policy to control and then verify that access. If you don’t, your administrators might be looking into Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint, and OneDrive without oversight. And that would be a bad thing.

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Dealing with Protected Documents Found by Office 365 Content Searches

Office 365 content searches can find all sorts of information, but they cannot decrypt protected files in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business sites. This prompts the question of how to deal with protected files exported by a search. As it turns out, the combination of a rights management superuser and some PowerShell makes short work of unprotecting files so that they can be read by all.

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Restricting Office 365 Content Searches with Permission Filters

Office 365 content searches are very powerful at finding content in SharePoint, Exchange, Groups, public folders, and OneDrive. Permissions filters can restrict the ability of eDiscovery managers to see results. With a little PowerShell, you can create effective filters.

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