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A Guide to Azure Certification

As we’re currently going through times of economic uncertainty, an Azure certification can really help IT pros stay ahead of the curve. You may think that getting IT certifications are not worth the time and effort. However, if you’re interested in Azure and willing to future-proof your career, getting an Azure certification can really help....


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How to Recession-Proof your IT Career

In this article, I will share my recommendations on how to build a recession-proof career and protect it against the effects of an economic downturn. In summary: Assess your current position. Update your skills. Get certified. Winter is coming – recession proof your career now! You don’t need to be a Stark to understand what…

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What’s the Future of the IT Pro?

What’s in store for IT pros in the future?

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IT Career Advice: Don’t Be That Other IT Pro

IT veteran Jeff Hicks shares his thoughts on the nature of lazy IT pros, along with symptoms that are commonly associated with this group of people.

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