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Slack Takes Aim at Teams Weaknesses

Slack's July 22 post reports some advances in their desktop client that seem to aim at reported weaknesses in the Teams desktop client. The best update is better protection against network outages. The other claims of 50% less RAM, 33% faster startup, and 10x better call joining need validation in the real world.


Replacing the Deprecated Azure RemoteApp

Aidan explains your options for replacing Azure RemoteApp, which Microsoft plans to terminate in August 2017.

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Deploy Azure RemoteApp with VNET using PowerShell

Aidan shows how you can speed up and automate the deployment of Azure RemoteApp, Microsoft’s managed Remote Desktop Services farm in the cloud, using PowerShell. He also shares how you can use PowerShell to publish applications in the app collection and assign users access to those applications.

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Using RemoteApp with Azure AD Domain Services

Microsoft recently announced that Azure RemoteApp can be used with Azure AD Domain Services (still in preview) for domain authentication, without running domain controllers as virtual machines in Azure.

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Create an Azure RemoteApp Collection with VNET

Aidan Finn explains how to deploy a newer and simpler architecture where a RemoteApp collection is created on an Azure VNET.

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Upgrading Software in Microsoft Azure RemoteApp

Learn how you can upgrade software in a Microsoft Azure RemoteApp app collection in a managed way by replacing the collection’s base image.

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Publishing Azure RemoteApp Programs to Selected Users

Learn how to use a heavily requested preview feature that will allow administrators to publish apps in an Azure RemoteApp collection to selected users.

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How to Create a Hybrid RemoteApp Collection

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to build a hybrid app collection in Azure RemoteApp that integrates with your existing Active Directory infrastructure.

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Create an Azure RemoteApp Template from an Azure VM

This post shows you how to create an Azure RemoteApp custom template using an Azure virtual machine.

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How to Create an Azure RemoteApp Template

Learn how to create custom Azure RemoteApp templates, which lets you present your own set of applications to users.

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