Azure File Sync

Microsoft Improves Data Protection in Azure Files

Several new Azure Files features went into public preview earlier this year to help organizations move file shares to the cloud with confidence.


Active Directory Authentication for Azure Files Enters Public Preview

Active Directory authentication for Azure Files, which is now in preview, builds on Azure AD DS authentication over SMB by letting you mount shares created using Azure Files with Windows Server Active Directory (AD) credentials.

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An Azure Infrastructure Year in Review – 2018

Aidan takes a look back at 2018 and discusses some of the highlights from each month. It is interesting to me how I underrated some announcements which later became significant to Microsoft customers or to me.

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What’s New in Azure File Sync? – November 2018 Edition

Improvements are coming quickly to Azure File Sync (AFS), a new hybrid service that has server admins very interested. This post will discuss some of the new features that were introduced with v4 of the AFS agent.

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Everything You Need to Know About Azure Infrastructure – September 2018 Edition

Septemeber was full of Azure announcements from Ignite, Aidan breaks all the news down so that it is easier to digest.

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Replicating Between File Servers Using Azure File Sync

Aidan explains how you can easily synchronize folders between multiple file servers via Azure File Sync.

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What Is Tiering in Azure File Sync

In this post, Aidan explains what tiering is in Azure File Sync, how to enable it, and how the policy-based system works.

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Tips for Troubleshooting Azure File Sync

Looking for a few tips on how to troubleshoot issues with Azure File Sync? Aidan has some insight on how to resolve your problems.

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Everything You Need to Know About Azure Infrastructure – August 2018

Aidan summarizes what’s been going on in Azure IaaS in August, and I’ll also discuss a few features and services that you might have missed or forgotten about.

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Backing Up Files with Azure File Sync

Aidan explain’s how you can back up folders & files that have been synchronized and/or tiered to the cloud with Azure File Sync.

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