Active Directory

Easily Removing End Users from the Local Administrators Group

by Daniel Petri

In many enterprises, the organization policy is to add end users to the local Administrators group on their assigned PC; often to allow legacy applications which require administrative privileges to run correctly. However, there's a great risk in setting the end users as local administrators... information security. In this article MVP Daniel Petri presents a few better and more secure options.

External Sharing and Guest User Access in Microsoft 365 and Teams

This eBook will dive into policy considerations you need to make when creating and managing guest user access to your Teams network, as well as the different layers of guest access and the common challenges that accompany a more complicated Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

You will learn:

  • Who should be allowed to be invited as a guest?
  • What type of guests should be able to access files in SharePoint and OneDrive?
  • How should guests be offboarded?
  • How should you determine who has access to sensitive information in your environment?

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