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Dancing on the Table with PowerShell

PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks demonstrates some additional techniques with PowerShell and shows how easy it is to work with basic data and use the DataTable object.

Sep 1, 2016|Jeff Hicks


Making Data Dance with PowerShell

PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks begins a series of articles demonstrating how to make the most out of data in PowerShell no matter where it comes from.

Aug 31, 2016|Jeff Hicks


An Advanced PowerShell HTML HotFix Report

Looking for an Advanced PowerShell HTML HotFix Report script? Jeff Hicks shows you how to make them.

Jun 21, 2016|Jeff Hicks


Creating Simple PowerShell HotFix HTML Reports

Looking to learn how to create simple PowerShell hotFix HTML reports? Jeff Hicks has you covered with a new tutorial that will help any IT Pro master this powerful feature.

Jun 20, 2016|Jeff Hicks


Introduction to PowerShell Operators

If you are going to use PowerShell, you'll need to know how to operate it. Start with these common operators.

May 23, 2016|Jeff Hicks


Creating Active Directory OUs with PowerShell

Here's a quick tutorial for creating Active Directory organizational units with PowerShell.

Feb 3, 2016|Jeff Hicks


PowerShell How To: Building Effective Lists with Active Directory and DNS

Additional techniques and tips for building lists of computer names including querying Active Directory or DNS with PowerShell.

Oct 22, 2015|Jeff Hicks


PowerShell Problem Solver: Fun with CSV Imported Objects

Use PowerShell to transform data from CSV files via objects in the pipeline.

Oct 7, 2015|Jeff Hicks


PowerShell Problem Solver: CSV Import Tricks and Tips

Import CSV files into PowerShell with these handy tips and tricks from IT veteran and PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks.

Sep 23, 2015|Jeff Hicks


Using PowerShell to Export CSV Files to XML: Part 1

Jeff Hicks shows us a quick primer on using PowerShell to export CSV files to XML.

Jul 1, 2015|Jeff Hicks

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