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Create a PowerShell Function to Display System Uptime

Need to keep track of system uptime for SLA purposes? Jeff Hicks walks us through creating an uptime clock using PowerShell in this helpful how-to.

Dec 30, 2014|Jeff Hicks


PowerShell Problem Solver: Find Script Commands

Determine what cmdlets or modules are needed to run a script with this helpful Windows PowerShell tip.

Nov 12, 2014|Jeff Hicks

Exchange Server

Use PowerShell to Remotely Manage Exchange 2010 from a Windows 8 PC

Learn how to use PowerShell to remotely manage Exchange 2010 from a Windows 8 PC with these helpful tips.

Oct 14, 2014|John O'Neill Sr


Managing Windows Updates with PowerShell

Updates are a necessity when it comes to managing Windows. Overcome updating challenges and learn about the free PSWindowsUpdate module in this post.

May 8, 2014|John O'Neill Sr

System Center

How Do I Create My Own Desired State Configuration (DSC) Resource?

Want to give making your own DSC resource a whirl? Check out part 8 of our super-series on Desired State Configuration!

Feb 17, 2014|Damian Flynn


ESX the PowerShell Way with Get-ESXCli

Want ESX to pull information about your VMware environment? Get-ESXCli! Learn how in this PowerShell guide.

Nov 18, 2013|Jeff Hicks


PowerShell Remoting: How to Restrict User Commands

In this Ask an Admin article, find out how to restrict an endpoint by limiting the commands users can run over a remote PowerShell session.

Oct 24, 2013|Russell Smith


Getting Started with vSphere PowerCLI

vSphere PowerCLI, VMware's PowerShell management tool is indispensible. Find out get started with PowerCLI in part 1 of this multi-part series!

Sep 16, 2013|Jeff Hicks


Managing Hyper-V with PowerShell in Windows Server 2012

Hope you're ready for some cmdlets! Learn to manage the Hyper-V role in Windows Server 2012 using PowerShell 3.0 with this helpful tutorial.

Apr 1, 2013|Niklas Akerlund


Windows 8 Client Hyper-V : Managing Client Hyper-V with PowerShell

We're at the end of our instructive series on Hyper-V! For good measure, Jeff Hicks runs through the steps in managing Windows 8 Client Hyper-V with PowerShell.

Oct 11, 2012|Jeff Hicks

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