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How PowerShell Remoting Works in V7

PowerShell on its own is a robust and versatile language that can help you accomplish any task at hand. Combine it with the ability to run remotely on other computers and it becomes unparalleled as a scripting language

Oct 31, 2019|Adam Bertram

Office 365

Microsoft Releases Teams Administrative Roles

To make things easier for Office 365 tenant administrators, Microsoft has released four new administrative role for Teams. You can now assign these roles to other people and have them take care of areas like Teams general admin or the more complicated area of voice and audio meetings and calling. It's a sign of increased maturity in the Teams product.

Sep 20, 2018|Tony Redmond

SharePoint Online

How to Dig Deeper Into Your SharePoint Farm

Want to learn the clean and pretty ways to dig into your SharePoint farm? Here's an easy to follow guide to get the process started.

Jul 11, 2018|Todd Klindt

Cloud Computing

Managing Linux, Windows, AWS, and Azure Using PowerShell Core Part 1: Installing PowerShell Core and Modules for Azure and AWS

In the first part of this two-part series, I'll show you how to get started with PowerShell Core for managing heterogenous cloud environments.

May 24, 2018|Russell Smith


Deploying a StorSimple Virtual Appliance

Aidan Finn shares how to deploy a new StorSimple 1200 virtual appliance on Hyper-V.

Apr 24, 2017|Aidan Finn

Windows 8

Using the Patterns and Practices PowerShell with SharePoint

Learn about a superior tool called Patterns and Practices PowerShell with SharePoint Online and on-prem.

Apr 13, 2017|Shane Young


Getting Started with PowerShell for SharePoint Online and Office 365

Shane Young dives into the different PowerShell for SharePoint Online and Office 365 cmdlets available, how to get them installed, and then the tricky part of connecting.

Jan 3, 2017|Shane Young


PowerShell 101 for SharePoint Friends

Are you a SharePoint or Microsoft person? Then you need to learn SharePoint PowerShell. Lucky for you, this article provides everything you need to get started.

Dec 7, 2016|Shane Young


Understanding PowerShell Terminology

PowerShell expert Jeff Hicks provides an overview of introductory PowerShell terms to help you get acquainted with PowerShell.

May 17, 2016|Jeff Hicks


PowerShell Problem Solver: Finding Duplicate Commands

PowerShell expert Jeff Hicks demonstrates how to find duplicate commands in PowerShell and how to avoid problems.

Feb 10, 2016|Jeff Hicks

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