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Will Windows 10 Mobile be Ready to Launch with Windows 10?

Russell Smith explains why Windows 10 Mobile must be developed in lockstep with Windows 10 for meaningful beta testing.

Apr 16, 2015|Russell Smith


Major New Deals Make it Clear that Android is Microsoft’s Plan B in Mobile

Seeing defeat in mobile, Microsoft has orchestrated a series of...

Apr 16, 2015|Paul Thurrott


PowerShell Problem Solver: Create Numbered Output Lists with PowerShell

Learn how to create numbered output lists with PowerShell in this article by PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks.

Apr 15, 2015|Jeff Hicks

Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Announces Hyper-V Containers

Microsoft announces new Hyper-V containers for better application virtualization in the next version of Windows Server, referred to as Windows Server vNext.

Apr 9, 2015|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Announces Nano Server

Microsoft announces Nano Server, a server OS optimized for cloud infrastructure and born-in-the-cloud applications.

Apr 8, 2015|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server vNext Technical Preview Due in May

When Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Technical Preview last October,...

Apr 7, 2015|Paul Thurrott

Cloud Computing

EU Reportedly Preparing to Finalize Google Antitrust Case

It looks like Europe is ready to take the gloves...

Apr 2, 2015|Paul Thurrott


Microsoft Expands Surface Lineup with New Surface 3

Microsoft today announced Surface 3, a cost-reduced version of Surface...

Mar 31, 2015|Paul Thurrott


Lansweeper 5.2 Review: An Asset Management and Network Inventory Tool for IT Pros

In this Lansweeper 5.2 review, Jeff Hicks shows us the benefits of using the asset management and network inventory tool for your SQL Server, VMware, and Active Directory environments.

Mar 27, 2015|Jeff Hicks

Microsoft Azure

How to Create a Hybrid RemoteApp Collection

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to build a hybrid app collection in Azure RemoteApp that integrates with your existing Active Directory infrastructure.

Mar 26, 2015|Aidan Finn

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