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Top 6 Takeaways from VMworld 2014

Couldn't make it to VMworld this year? Our VMworld 2014 recap serves up some of the key takeaways from the event, from buzzwords to hot products.

Sep 2, 2014|Jeff James


Installing a guest OS from a Windows ISO image

Aidan Finn walks us through the installation of a guest OS from a Windows ISO image in this handy how-to article.

Sep 2, 2014|Aidan Finn


What is Docker?

One of the most discussed products at VMworld was Docker. So what is Docker? Jeff James gives us an overview.

Aug 28, 2014|Jeff James

Google Cloud Platform

Why the Cloud Is the Key to IT Competitiveness

Russell Smith offers up his argument for why the cloud computing competitive advantage means that companies that fail to embrace it could fall behind.

Aug 27, 2014|Russell Smith


VMworld 2014: VMware unveils EVO:RAIL, vCloud Air, and vRealize Suite

VMware unveils EVO:RAIL, vCloud Air, vRealize Suite, and a host of other cloud and virtualization products and services at VMworld 2014 this week.

Aug 26, 2014|Jeff James

Windows Server 2012

Manage Servers using Server Manager in Windows 8.1

Learn how to manage servers using Server Manager in Windows 8.1 in this how-to article by Petri IT Knowledgebase Contributing Editor Russell Smith.

Aug 19, 2014|Russell Smith

Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft StorSimple?

Curious about what Microsoft StorSimple is? Aidan Finn provides a thorough overview of Microsoft's promising hybrid storage solution in this informative post.

Aug 19, 2014|Aidan Finn


The Best Hyper-V Training Resources

Looking to brush up on your Hyper-V skills? Aidan Finn serves up a comprehensive listing of some of the best online and offline Hyper-V learning resources.

Aug 12, 2014|Aidan Finn


Why You Need to Learn PowerShell

Learn PowerShell to reduce the time it takes to deploy entire Windows Server environments, on site or in the cloud, from hours to mere minutes.

Aug 7, 2014|Russell Smith


How Do I Manage Hyper-V?

Need to learn the basics of managing Hyper-V? Aidan Finn gives us the run-down on the most important Hyper-V management tasks.

Aug 5, 2014|Aidan Finn

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