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Windows Server

Top 10 IT Trends – from the Microsoft Perspective

Get out your crystal ball and find out how Microsoft is preparing for the next 5 years of change in the IT world.

Mar 3, 2014|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2012

Creating a Windows Server 2012 R2 Cluster Shared Volume

Are you down with CSV? Find out more about Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) and learn to create one in this introduction.

Feb 24, 2014|Aidan Finn


Naming Standards in a Window Server Cluster

What's in a name? Learn to standardize the naming of Windows failover cluster components in this helpful how-to article.

Feb 5, 2014|Aidan Finn

Backup & Storage

Review: DataON Storage DNS-1640 JBOD for Storage Spaces

Check out our review of DataON Storage DNS-1640 JBOD, used for clustered Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 (WS2012) and Windows Server 2012 R2 (WS2012 R2).

Jan 27, 2014|Aidan Finn


Hyper-V Predictions for 2014

Cloud-schmoud. Discover what to expect from Hyper-V in 2014, including Hyper-V Network Virtualization, Windows Azure Pack, and more!

Dec 18, 2013|Aidan Finn

System Center

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012: Configuring Storage

In part 4 of this series on SCVMM 2012 R2 and SoFS, find out how to manage storage spaces and offer SMB3 shares for our hosts.

Dec 16, 2013|Damian Flynn

System Center

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012: Creating a Clustered File Server

Discover how to create a clustered file server and validate the deployment in part 3 of this series on SCVMM 2012 R2 and SoFS.

Dec 11, 2013|Damian Flynn


How to Design Converged Networks

Find out how to design converged networks, including considering physical storage, bandwidth, hardware, and more!

Sep 23, 2013|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2012

Implement and Enforce QoS with Data Center Bridging Hardware (DCB)

Discover what Data Center Bridging (DCB) can do to help you implement Quality of Service (Qos) rules.

Sep 11, 2013|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2012

Deploying QoS Packet Scheduler in Windows Server 2012

Who doesn't like bandwidth management? Read on to find out how to implement Quality of Service (QoS) Packet Scheduler in WS2012, including handy PowerShell cmdlets.

Sep 9, 2013|Aidan Finn

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