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An Overview of the Microsoft Cloud Platform System

Aidan Finn gives an overview of Microsoft's Cloud Platform System, which is the company's cloud-in-a-rack solution built on Dell hardware.

Nov 19, 2014|Aidan Finn


How to Build Azure-Like Virtual Machines on Hyper-V

Aidan Finn serves us a method for creating virtual machines on Hyper-V that are similar to those that you can run in Microsoft Azure.

Nov 17, 2014|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2016

New Features in Windows Server vNext

While Microsoft has remained relatively tight-lipped about the new features in Windows Server vNext, Aidan Finn gives us an early look.

Nov 3, 2014|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2012

What is Windows Server ODX?

Aidan Finn serves up tips for working with Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) to enhance storage transfers in Windows Server and Hyper-V.

Sep 22, 2014|Aidan Finn


Proximal Data AutoCache Review

Aidan Finn takes a look at Proximal Data AutoCache, a product that boosts read performance of virtualization storage for Hyper-V and vSphere.

Jul 23, 2014|Aidan Finn


Why Blade Servers are the Wrong Choice

Considering the purchase of blade servers for your IT department? Aidan Finn argues that blade servers are the wrong choice for today's data center.

Jul 21, 2014|Aidan Finn


Controlling SMB Multichannel in Windows Server 2012 R2

Our two-part series on SMB 3.0 and SMB Multichannel concludes with a discussion of smart SMB design, SMB Multichannel constraints, and SMB bandwidth limits.

Jul 18, 2014|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2012

Configuring Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) Cache

Use just a little bit o' RAM or a lot! Learn to enable Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) Cache to improve the read performance of CSV in WS2012!

Mar 17, 2014|Aidan Finn


How Would Microsoft Design a Scale-Out File Server: Disks, Networking, and More

Discover how disks, networks, servers, and Storage Bricks play a part in designing a SOFS in part 2 of this series.

Mar 10, 2014|Aidan Finn

Windows Server 2012

How Would Microsoft Design a Scale-Out File Server?

WWMSD? Ever wonder how Microsoft would design a SOFS for storage over SMB 3.0 networking with transparent failover? Find out more in part 1 of this series.

Mar 5, 2014|Aidan Finn

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