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M365 Changelog: Retiring Visio Web Access from SharePoint Online

Petri Staff


MC228641 – Visio Web Access (Visio Service) and its Web Part for SharePoint Online will no longer be available. Instead of Visio Web Access you will be able to use Visio Online and to migrate your organization’s web parts to a newer experience with the new Javascript (JS) APIs for Visio Online. Visio Online enables high fidelity viewing, sharing, and collaboration in your favorite browser, without installing the client for all Office 365 licenses. It supports embedding Visio diagrams in SharePoint Online using a modern file viewer web part and with iFrame along with JS API programmability.

Key Points:

  • Major: Retirement
  • Timing: September 30, 2021
  • Action: Review and assess

How does this affect me?

Beginning September 30, 2021, users in your organization will only be able to view Visio diagrams in their browser, but not create or edit. Visio Online viewing is available to most Office 365 subscriptions.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

Instead of using Visio Web Access (Visio Service) and its Web Part for SharePoint Online, we recommend using either:

  • Visio Online and the Document Web Part (Document Web part instead of Visio Web part)
  • iFrame in SharePoint Online for Visio Web Part (iFrame with Visio Online APIs instead of Visio Web Part with Visio Services JS APIs)

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