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Why Microsoft 365 Users Need Better Phishing Prevention Tools

Email is the backbone of corporate communication and it is also one of the top targets for malicious actors to target your users and customers. Agilent Technologies is a public research, development, and manufacturing company established in 1999 who was able to enhance their Microsoft 365 subscription to stop phishing attacks from malicious actors.

By adding an automated DMARC solution to their environment, Agilent was able to quickly identify emails being sent from more than 100 countries that were trying to phish customers. But with the visibility that DMARC solutions provide, Agilent was able to significantly reduce its DMARC exposure with minimal overhead.

What you will learn:

  • How Office 365 admins can protect their users from phishing attacks
  • What is DMARC, why it is important to your security and how to use it effectively, and
  • How to implement free tools that can protect your environment.

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Scott Moore

Messaging Service Manager, Agilent Technologies

Brad Sams

Executive Editor of and