The Load Balancing Buyer's Guide


Digital transformation means that businesses are relying on their IT networks and applications more to connect with their employees and customers. These businesses need to optimize the Application Experience [AX] through application availability, agility, and performance. Load balancing technology is a key piece of the IT architecture to create the ideal AX topology Load balancers ensure that applications are always available through robust application pooling and advanced health checking.

Finally, load balancers improve application performance with acceleration including encryption/ decryption, and content offload technologies that reduce server loads. Load balancing is a technology that intersects the world of traditional IT networking with modern application development. As such, it can be hard to navigate the requirements and expectations for load balancing technology for any given business’ application.

What you will learn from this content:

  • Navigate through the process of understanding application requirements
  • Identifying load balancing needs to meet these requirements
  • Selecting the right set of features to optimize the AX

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