The importance of third party security solutions for Microsoft 365 Webinar

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It is no secret that Ransomware attacks are on the rise, targeting and crippling many SMBs with malicious code. What is less known is that Ransomware gangs are targeting Microsoft CSP’s to not only attack these businesses but also as a gateway to reach their customers. A successful penetration on a Microsoft CSP can easily mushroom into a ransomware threat on 10’s or 100’s of businesses and lead to thousands of dollars in ransom demands or lost time circumventing the breach. CSPs are the new target of large scale, calculated attacks.

Watch this webinar now and learn how advanced threats require NextGen malware prevention technology.

You will learn:

  • Insights on Microsoft 365 Security from Osterman research
  • Why 3rd Party Security Solutions are needed for Microsoft 365
  • Understanding of advanced malware protection technologies such as CDR (content disarm and reconstruction) solutions
  • Review of the odix FileWall™ service – the only native CDR app available in Microsoft marketplaces

What is FileWall™?

FileWall™ for Microsoft 365 Exchange online provides an effective malware prevention solution for secured email attachments. The security plugin is based on odix’s patented CDR algorithm for eliminating known and unknown malware hidden in files, where legacy solutions fall short. The FileWall concept is simple; instead of trying to detect known malware and block the file for the user, the FileWall service disarms malware and provides a sanitized file for safe usage.

This webinar is sponsored by odix, a leading security vendor in the file-based attack space.


Are you a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider?  

If you are a Microsoft CSP or MSP, join the FileWall™ CSP partners program, get a FREE NFR license and start disarming threats aimed at your clients. 

As a qualified CSP that handles Microsoft 365 deployments for your customers, we understand the importance of managing their security posture no matter what business subscription they have. Malware attacks through email attachments are on the rise.

With 4 out of 5 MSPs say their businesses are increasingly targeted by ransomware it is no secret that CSPs and MSPs are vulnerable to cyber threats more than ever.

It’s time for CSPs & MSPs to deploy FileWall, secure their email attachments and prevent the next ransomware attack!

If you are a CSP/MSP who uses Microsoft 365 exchange online as your company mail service, join the FileWall FREE NFR license program. Fill the form out and include your Microsoft 365 tenant ID and get your FileWall free NFR license to protect your company.

FileWall is an essential add-on to Microsoft 365 email attachments security that is easy to deploy (3 clicks), affordable (monthly $1/user), and uses deep file inspection patented algorithm to disarm any hidden malware in files.

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