LIVE EVENT | Ask Tony Redmond and a panel of experts about the Trials and Tribulations of Office 365 Tenant Migrations

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Tony Redmond, Microsoft MVP and Lead Author of Office 365 for IT Pros, will be on the panel to share his knowledge, alongside Gary Bent, Global Infrastructure Architect at Omnicom. Gary is in the process of completing what has been described as the most intricate tenant to tenant migration in the world, consolidating 120 tenants into a single service, so he has a wealth of first-hand experience and unique insights.

Joining them will be two migration experts from Quadrotech; Chief Technology Officer, Paul Robichaux (Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services), and Director of Enterprise Migrations, Mike Weaver.

Paul oversees the development of the Nova O365 management platform, which can be used to plan tenant migrations, while Mike (aka ‘MAD Mike’ owing to his Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture experience) leads the production of Cloud Commander, a specialist Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool.

Set to be a lively conversation, this session will help you prepare for future tenant migrations, outlining everything you need to know and the pitfalls to avoid. Submit your questions here and our experts may answer live on Thursday, October 29th, 11 AM ET.

Use the form to the right to ask your question and the Office 365 experts may answer it at the live event >>>

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