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Download our whitepaper and learn best practices for SharePoint Forms.

KWizCom Mobile SharePoint FormsAn increasingly mobile, and in more recent times remote workforce, has led to a demand to interact with SharePoint from a variety of different devices. Gone are the days when a user would sit at a desktop in the office and complete a form, which challenges many of the traditional ways SharePoint was deployed. Microsoft has responded to this changing user behavior with a plethora of mobile apps and Canvas Power Apps, which is focused on mobile devices. Despite all of these changes, it is very hard to build forms of any complexity in SharePoint that behave consistently across devices.




SharePoint Forms Whitepaper

Download this whitepaper and learn about Mastering SharePoint Forms to make your organization more efficient.

The SharePoint Forms Whitepaper covers:

>> How the native experiences in SharePoint lack the functionality of the most needed forms

>> The wider customization toolset of Microsoft 365 is too complicated for end-users

>> KWizCom Forms is a solution available through your already installed SharePoint instance



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