How can I quickly zoom on file and folder details in Windows Vista?

How can I quickly zoom on file and folder details in Windows Vista?
Windows Vista has many cool visual additions. Many of these are a total waste of time and are only there in order to capture the hearts and minds of non-power users and of those who are innovation freaks. That’s fine with me, but I don’t buy that stuff. New fonts and extra colors won’t don’t do it for me.

However, every now and then one finds a true gem, a tweak or an addition that has made it to the front. A good example of this is Vista’s ability to zoom in on icons, folders and files and to show you miniaturized versions of what can be found within the folder, and a little preview of the file (in case it can read it).
Just navigate to the folder you want to preview.
You can now click on the “Views” button and it will cycle between the different pre-set folder views:

Or you can use the slider to manually change the folder and icon view:

Or, and here is where this tip comes in handy – Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and simply scroll with your mouse wheel up or down to set your folder and file views.
Neat, huh?
Some folders might contain graphics or documents. You may want to preview them in one way:

Other folders might contain data you want to view in a different way:

And so on:

BTW, since the Vista Desktop is essentially a folder, the same tip also applies to the desktop. Just hold CTRL and scroll with your mouse wheel.
Oh, and another BTW, this tip has always worked in Internet Explorer. Read Quickly Change Font Size in Internet Explorer for more info.

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