How can I quickly add icons to the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows Vista?

How can I quickly add icons to the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows Vista?
Windows Vista is not all about graphical mumbo-jumbo. There are some cool features to it, and as I learn to master it I find that they can really make your working experience easier.

One of these gems is the ability to quickly add shortcut icons to the Quick Launch toolbar. The Quick Launch toolbar is the area that’s just right to the Start menu button, and where you can place your own shortcuts to some of your most used applications.
Launching applications in this manner is much faster then having to go through the Start menu and clicking your way around. You just place your shortcut or application in the Quick Launch toolbar, and then you can fire it away with just one click.
In previous versions of Windows you had to manually drag and drop stuff over there, but in Windows Vista you can simply navigate to the specific application (I’ve used Sysinternal’s – Now Microsoft’s – Process Explorer application for this demo – btw, this is really a must have tool!!!)
Just navigate to where the application is located and right-click it. You’ll see a new right-click option called “Add to Quick Launch”. Click on it.
add quick launch 1 small
Looking at the Quick Launch area you’ll see the new shortcut appearing:
add quick launch 2 small

BTW, you can also Quickly Edit Quick Launch Icons in Windows Vista.

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