Microsoft Intune Support for Android Enterprise Fully Managed Devices Now Generally Available

Microsoft now officially supports management of Android Enterprise fully managed devices using Intune.

Oct 8, 2019|Russell Smith

Office 365

Change in Management Philosophy Needed to Accelerate Teams Growth

Microsoft Teams is very successful at present, but a nagging doubt exists that some of the approaches taken by Microsoft towards Teams management and administration are less than optimum. It's great to introduce a mass of new features on an ongoing basis and it's better when policies exist to control the use of the features. But do new features always need to be enabled out-of-the-box?

Oct 3, 2019|Tony Redmond

Office 365

Adoption and Change Management: Two Sides of the Office 365 Card

Adoption and Change Management are often discussed when companies move to cloud services, including Office 365. How quickly can we adopt the new services and how can we manage change? As it happens, Microsoft is extremely interested in driving customer adoption, so much so that this can cause problems with change management simply because so much change happens so quickly insist Office 365. As we discuss here, a structured approach to change management helps.

Sep 26, 2019|Tony Redmond

Microsoft Azure

How to Provision a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool

How to configure a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) host pool.

Sep 24, 2019|Russell Smith

Office 365

Microsoft Gives Exchange 2010 Nine More Months

In a surprising but welcome announcement, Microsoft moved the end of extended support for Exchange 2010 to October 2020. This version of Exchange was the most technology-rich and significant in the product's history, which might be the reason why so many organizations still depend on Exchange 2010 for email. Better options exist, and Exchange Online is the natural place to go... if your network and applications allow the move.

Sep 19, 2019|Tony Redmond

Microsoft Azure

How to Connect to a Windows Virtual Desktop VM or App

In the final part of this series, I’ll show you how to connect to a virtual machine or app in a Windows Virtual Desktop host pool.

Sep 9, 2019|Russell Smith

Office 365

Exploiting the Graph When PowerShell Can’t Do Enough for Teams

Although Teams has a PowerShell module, its cmdlets can't get at some of the interesting information for team objects. But the Graph API reveals that information. Combining the Graph with PowerShell makes it possible to retrieve the information with just a little effort. A working example helps make the point, so here's a script to report the Teams channels with email addresses.

Sep 3, 2019|Tony Redmond

Office 365

Office 365 Group Expiration Policy Auto-Renews Based on User Activity

The original Office 365 Groups expiration policy was pretty good. It helps tenants keep control of potential group sprawl by removing old groups based on age. Now the policy takes user activity into account. While still not perfect, the new implementation makes the group expiration policy even easier to use because owners don't have to do anything to renew their groups if the groups remain in active use. You might debate the set of activities chosen by Microsoft to represent a good signal of group activity, but not the way the policy now works.

Aug 27, 2019|Tony Redmond

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server to Add FIDO2 Security Key Support for Password-Less Sign-In

Enable password-less sign-in in hybrid cloud deployments using FIDO2 security keys with the next SAC release of Windows Server.

Aug 12, 2019|Russell Smith

Windows 10

Get Users Working Faster with Windows 10 Autopilot White Glove Provisioning

Part of Microsoft’s modern management initiative for Windows 10, Windows Autopilot is a suite of technologies designed to simplify the setup process for new and existing devices.

Aug 1, 2019|Russell Smith

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