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Microsoft Bolsters Azure with Machine Learning, Data Services, and Cloud Analytics Updates

Microsoft has Big Data on its mind these days, announcing that it is bolstering Microsoft Azure with machine learning and improved cloud analytics capabilities.

Feb 23, 2015|Jeff James


An IT Pro Perspective on Lenovo Superfish

Crapware and bloatware has been making PC user experiences horrible for decades. Jeff Hicks explains why the Superfish fiasco carries some lessons for PC makers and IT pros as well.

Feb 19, 2015|Jeff Hicks


Lenovo Accused of Installing Adware on New PCs

Lenovo, the world’s biggest maker of PCs, has been installing...

Feb 19, 2015|Paul Thurrott

Office 365

Microsoft Purchases Sunrise, Will Reportedly Buy N-Trig as Well

Microsoft on Wednesday confirmed reports that it would purchase online calendar maker Sunrise. And in a separate development, Microsoft will reportedly buy Surface Pro 3 pen maker N-Trig too.

Feb 12, 2015|Paul Thurrott


Troubleshooting Hyper-V Networking

Aidan Finn serves up a number of tips to help you with troubleshooting Hyper-V networking issues in Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows client Hyper-V.

Feb 10, 2015|Aidan Finn

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Will Reportedly Purchase Online Calendar Maker for $100+ Million

According to a report in TechCrunch, Microsoft’s manic bid to...

Feb 5, 2015|Paul Thurrott

Windows Server 2003

Migrate Active Directory from Windows Server 2003 to 2012 R2: Preparing Windows Server and Active Directory

Russell Smith shows us how to migrate Active Directory domain controllers running Windows Server 2003, including DNS and DHCP, to Windows Server 2012 R2.

Feb 4, 2015|Russell Smith


Microsoft Outlines Its Plan to Evolve SharePoint for the Cloud First, Mobile First Era

While “mobile first, cloud first” has caused some confusion and...

Feb 3, 2015|Paul Thurrott

Windows 10

Has Microsoft Changed their Image?

The recent Windows 10 media event has tech enthusiasts excited about Microsoft. Is this the event that will change the perception of Microsoft going forward? Aidan Finn gives his take.

Jan 23, 2015|Aidan Finn

Windows 10

Microsoft Provides a Much More Complete Look at Windows 10

Microsoft gives us a more complete look at Windows 10 at a press event held on the Microsoft campus. Paul Thurrott summarizes the highlights.

Jan 22, 2015|Paul Thurrott

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