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PowerShell Problem Solver: Converting Universal Time using PowerShell

In this PowerShell Problem Solver article, Jeff Hicks analyzes a recent problem he experienced on his personal blog, and shows us his resolution with some simple Universal Time conversations with PowerShell.

Apr 29, 2015|Jeff Hicks


PowerShell Problem Solver: How to Pull Data from Log Files using PowerShell

Microsoft PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks shows us how to pull data from log files using PowerShell and the Get-Content and Import-CSV cmdlets.

Feb 25, 2015|Jeff Hicks


Use PowerShell’s Get-Content cmdlet to Copy Files to Multiple Computers

Russell Smith shares how you can use PowerShell's get-content cmdlet to copy files to multiple computers in this how-to article.

Feb 10, 2015|Russell Smith


PowerShell Problem Solver: Importing CSV Files Revisited

Jeff Hicks revisits a previous article on importing a CSV file in PowerShell and offers some additional improvements, including use of the Import-CSV and Get-Content cmdlets.

Jan 28, 2015|Jeff Hicks


My PowerShell Troubleshooting Toolkit Expanded

Jeff Hicks returns to his PowerShell troubleshooting toolkit in this insightful how-to article.

Jan 20, 2015|Jeff Hicks


Creating Advanced Functions in PowerShell

Microsoft PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks gives us the low-down on creating advanced functions in PowerShell in this detailed tutorial.

Dec 30, 2014|Jeff Hicks


PowerShell Problem Solver: Importing CSV Files into PowerShell

Learn all about importing CSV files into PowerShell with this how-to article by PowerShell MVP Jeff Hicks.

Dec 17, 2014|Jeff Hicks


Build a Troubleshooting Toolkit using PowerShell

Are you constantly being the IT pro for friends and family? Save time by building a custom troubleshooting toolkit with PowerShell that you can use over and over.

Nov 7, 2014|Jeff Hicks

Active Directory

Create New Active Directory Users with Excel and PowerShell

Learn how to create new Active Directory users in bulk with Excel and PowerShell in Russell Smith's latest article.

Oct 13, 2014|Russell Smith

Active Directory

Search Active Directory for Accounts with Passwords Set to Never Expire

Learn how to audit Active Directory for accounts that have passwords set to never expire in this step-by-step tutorial by Russell Smith.

Sep 29, 2014|Russell Smith

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