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Improving Microsoft Azure File Server Performance with BranchCache

Learn how you can improve file server performance in Azure without adding any additional hardware or virtual machines by using Windows BranchCache.

Jun 19, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Create Azure Active Directory Users Using PowerShell

Aidan Finn shows you what you need to know about creating new user accounts in Azure Active Directory and how to give them administrator rights.

Jun 18, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Wormhole Area Networking and Microsoft Azure

Aidan Finn describes how to move legacy services such as file servers and LOB apps with thick clients to Azure using a a new networking technology.

Jun 10, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

How to Create and Validate a Microsoft Azure Active Directory Domain

Aidan Finn provides step-by-step instructions for adding a custom DNS domain to Azure Active Directory to match your on-premises domain name.

Jun 5, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

5 Things That Would Improve Microsoft Azure

Aidan Finn discusses his top five most wanted improvements to Microsoft Azure, which include changes to strategy, management, and pricing.

Apr 30, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Connecting Multiple Networks in Microsoft Azure

Learn when to spot different scenarios where you need to connect multiple networks in Microsoft Azure, along with step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Apr 1, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

How to Create a Hybrid RemoteApp Collection

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to build a hybrid app collection in Azure RemoteApp that integrates with your existing Active Directory infrastructure.

Mar 26, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Getting the Most Out of Azure Site Recovery

Aidan Finn provides tips based on his lessons learned from deploying Azure Site Recovery with a customer recently.

Mar 17, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Makes Azure Disaster Recovery For SMEs and Branch Offices

Microsoft's Azure Site Recovery is now more affordable to small-to-medium enterprises and branch offices.

Dec 22, 2014|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure Sales Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises

Aidan Finn explains how Microsoft is positioning Azure towards small and medium enterprises as a supplement to on-premise IT resources.

Sep 11, 2014|Aidan Finn

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