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Microsoft Announces New Approach to Security

Microsoft announced today that it is shifting its security focus to focus on what it calls the mobile first, cloud first world. Trustworthy Computing 2.0?

Nov 17, 2015|Paul Thurrott


EMC Announces Data Lake 2.0 Strategy For Isilon

Splish, splash. EMC has announced their "Data Lake 2.0" strategy, and it's time to get your Isilon's enterprise bits to get all wet.

Nov 17, 2015|Michael Stanclift


Deploy and Manage Windows Server Containers using Docker

Russell Smith shows you how to quickly deploy Windows Server containers using Docker in the latest technical preview.

Nov 16, 2015|Russell Smith

Windows 10

Microsoft Delivers New Business Features To Windows 10

Microsoft has released an update for Windows 10 that brings several features to the OS including the long awaited Windows Update for Business.

Nov 12, 2015|Brad Sams

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Announces Major Commercial Cloud Expansion in Germany

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella arrived in Berlin on Wednesday and announced a significant expansion of the software giant's commercial cloud efforts in Germany.

Nov 11, 2015|Paul Thurrott

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Announces Major Commerical Cloud Expansion in Europe

Satya Nadella announced a series of Microsoft Cloud expansions in Europe today. Key among them are "multiple" datacenters for just the U.K.

Nov 10, 2015|Paul Thurrott

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Has Acquired Secure Islands To Boost Its Security Credentials

Microsoft has announced that they will be acquiring Secure Islands, a provider of advanced information protection solutions to fold into its Azure product.

Nov 9, 2015|Brad Sams

Cloud Computing

IBM Acquires Gravitant To Expand Hybrid Cloud Offering

IBM today announced that it has acquired Austin, Texas based Gravitant to expand it's hybrid cloud offering.

Nov 5, 2015|Michael Stanclift


Microsoft’s Putting Its Acquisitions To Use With Dynamics 2016

With the release of Dynamics 2016 in December, Microsoft will be putting its acquisitions to work as the company integrates its acquired technology.

Nov 5, 2015|Brad Sams

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Deepens Its Ties To Linux, Partners With Red Hat

Microsoft has announced a new partnership with Red Hat that will allow the Linux software to run natively on the company's cloud platform.

Nov 4, 2015|Brad Sams

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