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Windows Server

9 Essential IT Job Skills for 2015

Looking to enhance your IT job skills? Jeff James take a look at where the hot IT jobs might be for 2015 and beyond.

Aug 4, 2014|Jeff James

Microsoft Azure

US Judge rules against Microsoft in email privacy case

In the Microsoft email privacy case, NY district judge Loretta Preska has ruled against Redmond. Aidan Finn gives us an Irish IT perspective on the news.

Aug 1, 2014|Aidan Finn


Improvements I Want to See in the Next Version of Hyper-V

Aidan Finn serves up a wish list of the top features and improvements he'd like to see in the next version of Hyper-V.

Jul 28, 2014|Aidan Finn

Active Directory

Test Connectivity to an Active Directory Domain Controller from a PC

Daniel Petri provides some tools and techniques to test connectivity from a Windows PC to an Active Directory Domain Controller.

Jul 24, 2014|Daniel Petri


Why Blade Servers are the Wrong Choice

Considering the purchase of blade servers for your IT department? Aidan Finn argues that blade servers are the wrong choice for today's data center.

Jul 21, 2014|Aidan Finn

Windows 8

5 Essential Windows Store Apps for IT Administrators

Russell Smith shares his top essential Windows 8 applications for IT systems administrators.

Jul 15, 2014|Russell Smith

Windows Server

Why the Microsoft Upgrade Treadmill is Broken

Is the practice of upgrading to the latest Microsoft product upon release gone for good? Jeff argues that the traditional upgrade treadmill might be gone for good.

Jul 11, 2014|Jeff James


Protect Windows Server Using the Security Configuration Wizard Part 2: Applying and Rolling Back Policies and Advanced Features

Our two-part series on the Windows Server Security Configuration Wizard concludes with a look at how to apply and roll back security policies.

Jun 25, 2014|Russell Smith


Microsoft Unveils Interflow Security Information Exchange Platform

Microsoft has taken the wraps off Interflow, a new security and threat information exchange platform that runs on Microsoft Azure.

Jun 23, 2014|Jeff James


Using the Windows Server Security Configuration Wizard Part 1: Evaluating Risk and Creating a New Security Policy

Learn how to create custom security policies for Windows Server using the Security Configuration Wizard and how to evaluate risks associated with new policies.

Jun 18, 2014|Russell Smith

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