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Essential Learning for IT Pros in 2016

Aidan Finn shares his thoughts on what he believes to be essential learning for IT pros in 2016 in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Jan 4, 2016|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Red Hat’s Impact on Microsoft Azure: A Win for the Enterprise

Microsoft and Red Hat announced a partnership to bring Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Azure, .NET to RHEL, and improve mutual systems management.

Nov 17, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Azure IaaS Announcements at AzureCon

Microsoft announced a number of improvements to Azure, including new services, price reductions, and virtual machines that affect IT pros.

Oct 9, 2015|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Using the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Tools

Learn about different third-party tools and solutions for better use with your Microsoft Azure storage account.

Jun 11, 2015|Aidan Finn

Cloud Computing

20 Years Later: The Internet Tidal Wave

“A new competitor ‘born’ on the Internet is Netscape,” Microsoft...

May 26, 2015|Paul Thurrott

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Updates Azure with Key Vault, Docker Images, and Ginormous VM Sizes

Microsoft Azure has been updated with a trio of new features, including Azure Key Vault, new Docker support, and super-sized G-series virtual machines.

Jan 9, 2015|Jeff James


6 Hyper-V Predictions for 2015

Microsoft MVP Aidan Finn gives us his opinion on what developments we can expect to see in the world of Hyper-V in 2015.

Dec 19, 2014|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

IBM and Docker Partnerships Support Microsoft’s Cloud Vision

Petri IT Knowledgebase Editorial Director Jeff James dives into an analysis of how Microsoft's partnership with Docker and IBM supports Microsoft's overall cloud vision.

Oct 24, 2014|Jeff James

Google Cloud Platform

Can Google Cloud Platform Win the Cloud Battle Against AWS and Azure?

Will Google Cloud Platform have what it takes to defeat Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for the hearts and wallets of IT managers? We interview Google executive Brian Goldfarb to find out what Google thinks of the ongoing IaaS and PaaS battle.

Oct 7, 2014|Jeff James


What is Docker?

One of the most discussed products at VMworld was Docker. So what is Docker? Jeff James gives us an overview.

Aug 28, 2014|Jeff James

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