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Using RemoteApp with Azure AD Domain Services

Microsoft recently announced that Azure RemoteApp can be used with Azure AD Domain Services (still in preview) for domain authentication, without running domain controllers as virtual machines in Azure.

Jul 6, 2016|Aidan Finn


Windows Virtual Desktop is Multi-User VDI in the Azure Cloud

Microsoft announced at its Ignite conference on Monday a new service called Windows Virtual Desktop that will preview later this year. In today’s Ask the Admin, I’ll take a closer look at exactly what this service provides.

Oct 1, 2018|Russell Smith

Microsoft Azure

Sharing Azure Portal Dashboards

Aidan Finn discusses how you can share the customizable experience of the Azure Portal with other administrators and delegated administrators of your subscription.

May 3, 2018|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

What Is the Azure App Service?

Aidan Finn discusses the Azure App Service, the heart of Microsoft’s platform-as-a-service.

Jul 26, 2017|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Things to Do Before You Start with Azure in CSP

Review Aiden's steps in this article to verify that you are ready to start an Azure deployment using the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Currently, Azure V2 lacks features some companies consider critical.

Jul 19, 2016|Aidan Finn

Cloud Computing

Deploy a New Domain from a Microsoft Azure Template

Learn how to quickly deploy a new virtual machine-based Active Directory domain in Azure using a JSON template in Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

Jun 27, 2016|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

Connecting Users to the Azure Cloud

In this article Aidan Finn discusses the most forgotten aspect of migrating or deploying services into the cloud: Exactly how will the users connect to the services that will be running in Azure?

Jun 23, 2016|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

What Should I Do In Azure First?

As an IT pro facing the mammoth size and immense possibilities of Azure, trying to figure out what you should start doing in the cloud is… a challenge.

Mar 10, 2016|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?

In this introductory article, Aidan Finn explains what Microsoft Azure is and isn't, along with key features of the service.

Mar 4, 2016|Aidan Finn

Microsoft Azure

A Tale of Two Azures

Did you know that there are two versions of Azure? Yes, and there are also some situations and solutions that you now take for granted and will not be available to you.

Feb 15, 2016|Aidan Finn

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