Windows 10

MSIX Core Coming to Windows 7 and 8.1 in December, Plus New Features on the Horizon

Microsoft’s enterprise application packaging technology, MSIX, is being partially ported to down-level Windows clients and there are some interesting new features due in Windows 10 20H1.

Dec 2, 2019|Russell Smith

Windows 10

Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: November 22

Because millennials always have the answers, this week’s edition of Short Takes looks at Slack’s response to a Microsoft rip-off, Amazon suing over Microsoft’s JEDI contract, Salesforce’s unlikely Microsoft partnership, and so much more.

Nov 22, 2019|Paul Thurrott

Office 365

Year of Yammer: New Goals for Microsoft’s Enterprise Collaboration App

Microsoft has declared some undefined period, perhaps starting at the Ignite conference, to be the "Year of Yammer." Cynics might say "What! Yet again?" as Microsoft tries to position its enterprise networking app within Office 365 collaboration as it certainly feels like we have been down this path before. On the upside, this attempt seems to focus on what Yammer is good at instead of mimicking other apps. Time will tell.

Nov 21, 2019|Tony Redmond

SQL Server

New High Availability and Disaster Recovery Features in SQL Server 2019

The latest release of SQL Server 2019 has several important enhancements for high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR). Let’s take a look at some of the main HA and DR changes in SQL Server 2019.

Nov 20, 2019|Michael Otey

Career Skills

Microsoft Shifting Certifications to Workload-Based to Align with Skills

If you are looking to take or update existing Microsoft certifications, you might be wondering which are best to obtain and what technology path would be most beneficial. The certification program is in flux now as Microsoft gradually begins to move to role-based certifications, or workload-based as it is sometimes referred to, instead of focusing on specific products.

Nov 18, 2019|Russell Smith


In Review: Microsoft’s First Cybersecurity Summit

A review of Microsoft's first Cybersecurity Summit in 2019.

Nov 14, 2019|Andrew Maxey

Windows Client OS

Patch Tuesday November 2019

This month sees Microsoft patch a zero-day in IE, a security advisory for TPMs, and release the Windows 10 November 2019 Update for seekers.

Nov 14, 2019|Russell Smith

Cloud Computing

Sponsored: Learn About the Latest Cloud innovations at VeeamOn Virtual on November 20th

When it comes to downtime, it’s not if but when will it happen to your environment. Everyone knows that outages are an evergreen challenge and if your environment is offline, real dollars are being lost through either a stoppage of sales or an impact to your reputation with your clients.

Nov 12, 2019|Petri IT Knowledgebase


Petri Dish: Finding the Right Capabilities and Features with Cloudreach

Moving to Azure can be a big win in terms of operational efficiencies but only if you take the right approach and use the right tools.

Nov 8, 2019|Petri Staff

Windows 7

Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: Ignite 2019 Special Edition

Because this is the best reason to go to Florida, this special edition of Short Takes looks at the biggest announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2019.

Nov 8, 2019|Paul Thurrott

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