DR Fail Over of Azure App Services Using Automation

In this post, I will explain how you can implement disaster recovery failover for an application that has been built on Azure’s App Services and Azure SQL. Business Continuity One of the great things about Azure is how easy it can be to solve some of the old business & technology challenges, especially if you…

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Evolution of Windows Firewall: Windows 7

Learn the basic functionality of the Windows 7 Firewall service as well as some of the advanced security configuration.

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How to Use Adaptive Scopes for Retention Within Microsoft 365

In this guide, we’re going to explain how IT admins can use adaptive scopes to make retention policies for Microsoft 365 more dynamic. Microsoft 365 provides retention capabilities to manage the data for your organization out of the box. These features allow you as an organization to control how long content is retained and then…

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Top iOS 7 Features for IT Pros

Discover what new iOS 7 features IT pros will love come launch day!

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Best Practices with Azure ARM Network Security Groups

In this post about Azure network security group best practices, Aidan offers tips for creating, configuring, and associating network security groups (NSGs) in Azure Resource Manager or CSP.

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9 Essential Tools for Linux Administration

Last Update: Aug 03, 2022

Need to manage a Linux server? Stuart Burns has a list of essential Linux administration tools that will make your admin tasks a bit easier.

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Inside Windows 7 Security: BitLocker Drive Encryption

Using BitLocker Drive Encryption is one of the best ways to protect portable systems such as laptops from loss of data and information when the laptops themselves are lost or stolen. In this article, Jason Zandri provides an overview of the functionality and security features of this tool as it applies to Windows 7.

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How to Expand WSUS Updates: System Center Update Publisher (SCUP)

We’re back with our series on WSUS updates! In pt. 2, learn to install, configure, and publish updates for System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP).

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Microsoft’s Project Venus: Extending Azure Backup Features

Aidan Finn gives us a look at Microsoft’s new Project Venus, which is a multi-step project that will quickly add desired features to Azure Backup.

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Designing a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Last Update: Jun 27, 2022

Considering a Hyper-V VM? Learn more about configuring a virtual machine on Hyper-V to run an operating system or service.

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