Microsoft’s New Hololens Demo Provides A Realistic POV

Hololens POV Hero

Microsoft and the NFL have teamed up to see what could be possible if you used a Hololens to watch NFL games. In the video that the company produced, they show how you can see the game from new vantage points, include addition data feeds into your screen and of course, view the game in places other than your TV.

But the one thing that the video does show, is a realistic view of what using a Hololens is actually like. I have used the device twice and while the augmented reality headset does work well, Microsoft had previously been overselling it’s field of view capabilities.

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From the images in this post, these are the most realistic demonstrations of what the user can expect to see while wearing the headset. If you are thinking that this field of view may be a bit small, a Microsoft technical evangelist previously said that it will be expanded with future iterations as it is simply a cost issue at this time.


What Microsoft and the NFL have shown is a consumer scenario for how the device can be utilized. Hololens dev kits will start shipping to developers this quarter and this new video shows the types of experiences that can be built. Even though this demo is customized for the NFL, similar experiences could easily be built for any other athletic event.

Microsoft has not announced a consumer version of the device and it may be a few more years before that product arrives. The company needs a fully developed ecosystem before the device can be sold and they also want to make sure they have all the kinks ironed out to make sure the headset is a hit when it arrives.

You can check out the company’s blog post about the demo, here.

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