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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Roadmap Highlighting New and In Development Features


This past week, Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 that included a significant number of updates such as a new theme, a way to delay Windows updates and a lot more. Keeping track of all of these changes can be challenging but thankfully, Microsoft has released a new Windows road map that should help you better understand the new features and what is coming down the pipe.

The road map, which is primarily targeted at businesses, is accessible to anyone. The site lists newly released features, updates currently available to those using Insider builds and more importantly, features in development.

chrome_2016-04-09_11-39-03The ‘In development’ aspect of the road map brings forward a couple of features that will likely make end users happy. For starters, the company is working on a way to make it so that you can unlock your Windows PC by using your phone. This is accomplished by using your Windows or Android phone as a remote credential store which can than be used to authenticate to your PC; Microsoft is also working on a way to use another PC to unlock your PC as well.

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Other features in development are PC to PC casting (share your screen to any other PC), enhancements to Microsoft Passport and a lot more. If you are interested in the Windows ecosystem, the page (which you can view here) is worth checking out.

On the roadmap, Microsoft also has a spot for cancelled features. At this time, that category is empty.

These types of pages are helpful for organizations who are looking at Windows 10 and thinking of rolling out the OS. Because they can see the features that will be arriving soon, it allows IT admins and the like to prepare today for the features that are coming tomorrow.

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