M365 Changelog: Microsoft Viva: Praise History in Microsoft Viva Insights

MC289968 – Updated February 03, 2022: Microsoft has updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

The Praise app in Microsoft Teams is designed to help recognize the effort that goes into the wide-ranging, collaborative work that Teams users do. Users can send Praise to their colleagues through the messaging extension pinned to the Teams messaging bar for most users or through the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Teams. With Praise history, users will be able to view their sent and received praise over the past six months. Praise history will be shown in Viva Insights and will include Praise sent from both the messaging extension and the Viva Insights app. Additionally, all Praise sent in Teams will include a link for users to view their personal Praise history in the Viva Insights Teams app. 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85639

When this will happen:

Rollout will begin in early January (previously early December) and complete by the mid-February (previously end of January).

How this will affect your organization:

Praise sent and received history will automatically begin tracking for users in the Viva Insights Praise dashboard. Admins can disable Praise history by disabling Praise in the Teams admin center – doing so will disable Praise messaging extension, Praise in the Viva Insights app, and Praise history. The addition of this feature will honor existing admin settings by default.

What you need to do to prepare:

Review and assess the impact for your organization. Consider updating your documentation as appropriate.

To disable Praise and Praise history, see the following: Manage the Praise app in the Microsoft Teams admin center