M365 Changelog: Viva Engage | User reactions in eDiscovery is GA

MC681241 – Microsoft is excited to share that as of October 3rd 2023, user reactions to messages* in Viva Engage will be ingested for eDiscovery. Hence, any content search done on Viva Engage messages will retrieve all user reactions on those messages in eDiscovery. The solution is now GA to all our customers, in our effort to further strengthen the compliance standards of Viva Engage and deepen the trust of our customers in the product.

When will this happen:

Available now.

Please note the following considerations around the solution:

1. The solution will apply to all reactions posted ‘going-forward’. This will apply to:

a. New messages (post October 3rd, 2023) – all reaction activities (including any history of changes in reactions) will be recorded and ingested in eDiscovery.

b. Messages with existing reactions (before October 3rd, 2023) – a new reaction activity (after October 3rd, 2023) on such messages will trigger recording the latest snapshot of existing reactions as well as the new reaction activities for that specific message* along with ingestion in eDiscovery. Please note this will apply to each specific message with a new reaction activity, and not the entire conversation thread.

2. All reactions and any changes to them will be logged along with the timestamps of posting them.

3. All ingested reactions data can be exported for GDPR purposed using the existing Viva Engage User Export API.

* A message can be a thread-starter post / question, a comment / answer to the post / question, or a reply to a comment / answer.

What you can do to prepare:

You may consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate.