M365 Changelog: (Updated) Stream on SharePoint: Inline playback of videos in Hero web part

MC394844 – Updated November 22, 2022: Microsoft has updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

When users click to play a video in the Hero web part section of a SharePoint site, the video will play inline. This feature allows users to watch a video without being taken off the SharePoint page and allows users to browse or scroll through the other contents of the page while the video plays.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93351

When this will happen:

Microsoft will begin rolling out by mid-July and expect to complete by late November 2022 (previously early November 2022).

Note: Some users may see this feature before other users within your organization.

How this affects your organization:

Video consumers on Hero webpart will now be able to consume video on the same site page where they encountered the video. That allows them to browse through other site content while watching/listening to the video, thus saving their browsing time.

What you can do to prepare:

You may consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate.

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