M365 Changelog: SharePoint: Introducing custom fonts for SharePoint preview


SharePoint is introducing custom fonts for its brand center, allowing brand managers to upload and manage custom font packages for use within SharePoint and Viva Connections. This feature will roll out from mid-April to June 2024 and will initially support various site components, with more to be added later. Preparation may include updating training and documentation.

MC778781 – With our new SharePoint brand center Microsoft is introducing the ability to use custom fonts to express your organization’s brand and creative expression in your sites and pages. Once the SharePoint brand center has been enabled in your organization, you will unlock the power of custom fonts within SharePoint and Viva Connections.

This change is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 375490

When will this happen:

Preview: Microsoft will begin rolling out in mid-April 2024 and expect to complete by June 2024.

How will this affect your organization

The custom fonts feature for the SharePoint brand center enables the use of custom fonts within SharePoint and Viva Connections Desktop experiences. Your organization’s designated brand manager will upload, create, and manage your organization’s brand assets, including organization fonts, in the brand center app making them available for use in the Change the Look experience to apply.

Brand managers, who are the site owners of the Brand center site, will upload and manage your organization fonts in the Brand fonts library of the SharePoint brand center app. After uploading and making a brand font visible for use the brand manager will be able to create custom font packages to utilize these fonts within SharePoint and Viva Connections Desktop.

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A font package is a combination of two font families that will be applied to the experiences uniformly as designated by the brand manager using the font package creation tool. Microsoft provides a set of 8 font packages available for use with no need to configure a font package in the brand center app. 

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Microsoft provided default font packages:

  • Microsoft default: Segoe UI
  • Amasis Pro
  • Aptos-Aptos Serif
  • Georgia Pro Condensed-Verdana Pro Condensed
  • Office: Aptos Display-Aptos
  • Sitka Heading-Sitka Text
  • Verdana Pro-Georgia Pro
  • Walbaum-Trade Gothic Next

Note: In multi-geo environments custom fonts and the brand center app are configured in the primary geo. Custom fonts will be available in any additional geo where SharePoint Organization Asset Libraries (OAL) are utilized and Public CDN is enabled. If there are no OAL or public CDN in the geo, the custom fonts feature will not be enabled in the Change the Look experience for sites in that geo location.

Creating a custom font package in the SharePoint brand center app will enable the “From your organization” section of the Change the Look > Font(preview) experience.

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With this initial preview custom fonts will be supported in the following:

  1. Site header – site title
  2. Hub header – hub title
  3. Navigation (hub and site) – links and labels
  4. News web part
  5. Page title region
  6. Quick links web part
  7. Button
  8. Dashboard for Viva Connections
  9. Image web part
  10. Site header – finish
  11. Section heading
  12. Hero web part
  13. Sites web part
  14. People web part
  15. Call to action web part
  16. Text web part (RTE)
  17. All web part titles (from Microsoft)

Over the coming months additional components will add support for custom fonts and will be communicated through the Message Center.

What you need to do to prepare

You may consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate.

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