M365 Changelog: Power Platform – Administrator Activity events delivered to Microsoft Purview is now available in Public Preview

MC686858 – Microsoft is announcing the Public Preview of new Power Platform activity events which will be delivered to M365 Unified Services via a Data Connector through the M365 Management API, making them available to Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Sentinel. Beginning on Thursday, November 2, 2023, these new activity events will capture Environment Lifecycle Operations and Property Settings actions performed by Administrators of Power Platform across the customer management plane of your environment.

Please note, Administrative Activities for Power Platform environments are enabled by default, and activity collection cannot be disabled, however, you will not be charged for the collection of these activities.

How does this affect me?
Microsoft is providing the availability and rich integration of Administrator Activity events with Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Sentinel vis a Data Connector to the M365 Management API to support regularity requirements and forensic investigations, supports enterprise compliance, and supports threat detection and mitigation before threats disrupt business.

Users who are assigned an Audit Premium license can view activity events in Microsoft Purview. Visit Auditing solutions in Microsoft Purview to learn more about licensing requirements.

What do I need to do to prepare?
Review the Power Platform administrative logs using auditing solutions in Microsoft Purview documentation to find more details about the activities that are being captured and how to access the events in Microsoft Purview.