M365 Changelog: Microsoft Teams – Forward Messages in Teams Chats

MC684532 – With the forward message feature, Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to send chat messages from one chat to another. Messages can be forwarded to 1:1 chats, group chats and meeting chats. This feature will also allow the sender to add additional content to the message in order to provide context and clarity to the recipient. This feature will be rolling out across Microsoft Teams Desktop, Web and Mobile.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 90585

When this will happen:

Rollout will begin in late November 2023 and is expected to be complete by mid-February 2024.

  • Targeted release: Rollout will occur in late November 2023
  • Standard release: Rollout will occur in mid-January 2024
  • GCC, GCCH and DoD: Rollout will begin in late January 2024 and be complete by mid-February 2024

How this will affect your organization:

The entry point for the forward message feature will be in the overflow menu. 

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Upon clicking this button, the forward message compose dialog will populate the screen. 

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In the compose dialog, users will have the option to select from the people picker menu who the message will be forwarded to. A message can be forwarded to an existing named group chat, a new group chat, a meeting chat or a 1:1 chat. Currently, users will only be able to forward one message to one chat at a time. 

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In the compose dialog, the user can also add an additional message to accompany the forwarded message to provide context. 

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Once the message has been forwarded, the chat will bubble up to the top of the user’s chat list, and the message will appear in the chat in the format shown below. 

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What you need to do to prepare:

It is recommended that you notify your users about this new capability to forward messages and update your training and documentation as appropriate.