M365 Changelog: Media Logging Enabled by Default

MC392294 – Microsoft asks that you pardon us for not having provided advance communication of this release.  To log diagnostic data for Teams meetings, users must have the option in the Teams client turned on. Up until recently Teams media logging was turned off by default for all machines. With this update, Media logging is enabled by default on high-end machines. Media logs contain diagnostic data about audio, video, and screen sharing in Teams meetings. They are required for support cases that are linked to call-related issues. The list of CPUs with media logging enabled by default is in the public documentation.

When will this happen:

The update is currently available.

How this will affect your organization:

When creating a support request with Microsoft Support, “Full Client Logs” are required to assist with any issue involving voice, video or screen sharing. In cases when “Enable logging for meeting diagnostics” has not been enabled prior to the incident, support team might suggest that the setting should be enabled, the issue reproduced, and the logs are collected to be shared with Microsoft Support. 

Note: For machines where logging has been already enabled, the required logs can be collected right away and attached to the support request.

User experience: 

  • For desktop clients running on machines affected by the change, the setting will be updated. 
  • The update will take place within the routine client update, no client restart is enforced. 

What you need to do to prepare: 

No specific action is required. In case the enabled logging is not expected, instruct the users to manually update Settings > General> Enable logging for meeting diagnostics to disabled. 

Learn more about the list of CPUs with media logging enabled by default.

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