M365 Changelog: [Updated] Important information about Microsoft Power Automate emails

MC489125 – Microsoft Power Automate emails are moving to a new internal email provider. This change will result in emails from an additional Microsoft email account and IP addresses. This information was previously communicated under MC489125.

As of Thursday, January 19, 2023, Microsoft Power Automate email notifications, such as approvals, flow alerts, and sharing notifications, will be sent from the following email addresses:

These emails will be sent from the IP addresses outlined here: Power Automate approval email delivery information

Action Needed:
If you do not utilize custom allowlists/blocklists for emails you receive, no action is required at this time.

However, if you do utilize custom allowlists/blocklists for your emails, please add the above email addresses and IP addresses to your tenants’ allowlists. Please notify your system administrators to update these custom allowlists/blocklists on any program you use to receive email. When doing so, it is recommended to allow the SPF record where possible, instead of the specific IP addresses, to ensure any newly added IP addresses are accounted for automatically.

Please contact Microsoft Support and reference ticket ICM347570815 if you require further assistance.