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Microsoft 365 Update will let Admins Monitor User Feedback

Today, Microsoft allows your users to submit feedback about Microsoft 365 products at your organization. Are you curious about what they’ve been saying? Your curiosity will soon be satisfied. This feedback will start to be visible in the Microsoft 365 admin center under the Health category, in the Product feedback node. This new experience will allow you more transparency into your employees’ experiences, feedback, and overall satisfaction with the Microsoft 365 products they use.

You’ll be able to browse at various granularity and export the feedback (for the previous 18 months) that your users submitted about their experiences and productivity workflows using Microsoft 365. As IT Pros in charge of this repository, you’ll have the ability to take action to address or manage specific feedback items with management; an option to permanently delete all the data will also be provided by Microsoft.

You can see feedback from Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Office, and the Microsoft 365 admin centers. Microsoft is committed to expanding the breadth of apps and services throughout the future. They are also working on dashboard-like pages and reports that will give you a high-level summary overview of the aggregated data. This will also be beneficial to your service desk teams as they will be afforded curated content to address direct end-user issues with the software, like the Outlook desktop app or Teams.

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What do you need to prepare? Just follow this link to verify that feedback policy settings are enabled in your company. You need to be an admin or have the reports reader role to view this experience.

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Here are some links to learn more about how feedback to Microsoft can be managed.

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